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About Maerifah

Maerifah is an information provider company which specializes in digitizing and preserving classical and contemporary literature items. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive information serving platform with extensive search capabilities to search across all literature items within our collection. In addition to our public platform, we provide subscription based access to our databases, which allow our clients to seamlessly integrate our databases into their websites and learning portals. Our clients include Academic institutions, Public libraries, and Research organizations.

Let's begin by understanding the meaning of word, "Maerifah". In Sufism, ma'rifah (Arabic: معرفة, translit. maerifah, lit. 'knowledge'?) describes the mystical intuitive knowledge of spiritual truth reached through ecstatic experiences, rather than revealed or rationally acquired.

Maerifah is one of the "Four Doors" of Sufism:

A metaphor to explain the meaning of maerifah involves pearl gathering. Sharia is the boat; tariqa is represented by the pearl gatherer's rowing; haqiqa is the pearl; and maerifah is the ability to tell the difference between true and false pearls.

In short, "Maerifah" project is initiated to present a comprehensive collection of literature items that can be used for research purposes to broaden our understanding about any given subject.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a research-oriented digital platform, which preserves classical and contemporary literature with extensive search capabilities to cross-examine all platform items.

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