Basic Search

Advanced Search

A user can initiate Advanced Search functionality by clicking on “Advanced Search” link next to Search button.

Advanced Search functionality allows a user to design a complex query with the help of scope operators “Like/Exact” and logical operators “And/Or”. The “Like” operator searches for all keywords that contain a given search term. For example, “Like Keyword = Quran” search will produce results for all keywords that contains word Quran, such as, Al-Quran, Quranic, etc. On the other hand, “Exact” scope operator searches for exact spellings of the search term.

Next, more than one fields of information can be tied together with the help of logical “And/Or” operators to construct a complex query. A logical “And” operator will ensure that search fields before and after the “And” operator must contain the search terms. For example, “Like Keyword = M*raj And Like Title = Quran” will search for keyword like “M*raj” only in titles that contain word “Quran”. On the other hand, “Or” logical operator with search for each field individually and produce a combined search results. For instance, “Like Keyword = M*raj Or Like Title = Quran” will return search results from all literature items that contains words like “M*raj”. In addition, the results will return all words from titles like “Quran”. In short, one has to be careful in designing “Advanced Search” criteria, because the goal should be to produce a narrow search for the intended purpose.

Currently, there are four fields available for “Advanced Search” functionality. These fields include Keyword, Title, Author, and Subject. These fields can be linked to each other with the help to logical operators “And/Or” and scope operators “Like/Exact” to construct complex queries to extract intended search results as described above.

Finally, a user can always return to “Basic Search” by clicking on Basic Search link next to Advanced Search button.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Maerifah provides a comprehensive set of Application Program Interface (API) to integrate external enterprise applications with Maerifah databases. These APIs are comprised of custom libraries and web services that can be incorporated seamlessly in external enterprise applications. These EAI solutions are available to our registered subscribers. For more information, please send your inquiry to